Monday, October 11, 2004

Google books

Google adds books to its epic search story -

"We're trying to make . . books searchable and available
online, director of product management Susan Wojcicki told the Telegraph
newspaper. Google has no intentions of becoming a book retailer, Google Print
allows users to search books [whole text] by key words. Each publisher that joins the scheme will choose how much of its texts are available online to searchers.
Publishers will send their texts to Google for scanning and indexing. Oxford
University Press recently told IWR that it has been sending texts to Google for
digitisation at no cost to the publisher. 'Publishers will be able to attract
new readers and increase book sales,' Wojcicki told the Guardian." [cont.]

This will be useful for verifying references , even when we can't
remember the original title, or exact spelling of an author's name.


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