Monday, July 12, 2004

Chipping Ongarum

From David Keys in The Independent: All roads lead to Chipping Ongar: dig points to a hidden Roman town.

An undiscovered Roman town may exist in south-west Essex, according to archaeological evidence being uncovered in London.
A large Roman road has been found heading out of London towards what is now the village of Chipping Ongar, 11 miles west of Chelmsford.
Archaeological evidence suggests Chipping Ongar was an important communications hub in Roman times and probably the site of a small town.
Excavations in Leyton in the London Borough of Waltham Forest have unearthed a Roman highway with a gravel surface about six metres wide. Roman wheel ruts have been found in the road surface. Two metre-wide drainage ditches run either side of the road.
The highway was probably built for military purposes, but would have also served small towns and large country estates. [continue]

Thanks Mirabilis for updating me on this. I must put it on the ARA Nunciationis page today. It reminds me of our ARA Member Keith Lawson's recent work on the Roman road heading South from Chichester; Noviomagus . . to an as yet unconfirmed destination.


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