Monday, July 19, 2004

500k text .gif ?

Serge Thibodeau quoted in Business Week magazine :

"Loren's article is appropriately called You've Got Rank, and depicts some of the problems that many small businesses faced back in November, and then January of this year, after Google implemented major changes to their search algorithm. I think you will like it.
If you are running a slower Internet connection using a phone modem, it might take you up to a minute to download the article, since we had to put it in a .gif file/graphic, and that file is over 500 k in size. We did it that way in order to render the format of the article as natural as we could make it."

[pw notes: - neither I, nor any other graphic designer I'm aware of, has ever dreamt of publishing so much text in .gif format . . . and "got away with it" so nicely! Re Serge's last sentence above, we'd have wanted it in .pdf, or some other way guaranteeing legibility- wouldn't we.]


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