Sunday, June 13, 2004

Turning Pages

The British Library's Turning the Pages adventure is getting exciting. Quite an inspiration for our Assn. for Roman Archaeology archives and productions . . but sure to be way beyond our ARA budget . .

The BL's Diamond Sutra (printed 868 AD) Turning the Pages display shows how access to an original fragile Roman scroll could be given . . even ex-Herculaneum? Mouseover the actual scroll-text . . then with "hand" icon, you can roll it either way . . whilst listening to an audio commentary.

Let me know via comments, below, if you like it.


At 14 June 2004 at 10:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for mentioning this


At 16 June 2004 at 08:34, Blogger modusoperandi said...

Daniel Will-Harris mails:
"Those are beautiful-- . . that's a simulated book experience ! --though even with the magnifier it's never quite big enough. High-resolution JPGs could also be available for those who want and need to see the detail."

]) /\ |\| | (- |_


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