Saturday, June 12, 2004


Gratefully received - great email today, from beyond Atlantis, advising that an RSS feed is essential. Also an RSS aggregator - so that readers can view excerpts in their own aggregators.

This made me look at the Google/Blogger help/settings and -> feed info. So having started to grasp the _divergence_ between Atom and RSS . . I then get more good email, quite fortuitously, talking about the possible _convergence_ of syndication . . thanks to Google Alerts and Splashdot. I copy the Alert here - at least to remind myself to fathom this out next week:

GOOGLE Finally Moves Toward RSS Standard
Slashdot - USA
. . .declan writes: "My colleague Evan Hansen just got onto an email thread revealing that Google is planning to embrace
RSS. ...

This daily-once News Alert is brought to you by Google News (BETA)...

Thanks , Google Team, and Slashdot, and everyone else taking the trouble to upgrade my grasp on the fast moving techie scene . .

re Peter's present mission outline (in above blue panel) please see - > here


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