Sunday, June 20, 2004


Yesterday we were offered $$$millions? Today we are offered cents. Here is an extract from the (always mercurial) San Jose Mercury News which is relevant to our present ARA page-trials of Google Adsense:

Google has unleashed two new features that are aimed at smaller Web sites and could change the search habits of millions of people.

First, . . . a ``site-flavored'' Google search. It delivers results customized to reflect the content of a given Web site.

For instance, the owner of a computer-Web-site can place a Google search box on the site that returns only computer-hardware-related results. A search for the word ``mouse'' would get results related to the computer device, not the animal.

Google also unveiled a separate feature that lets owners of smaller Web sites put a Google search box on their site in return for a cut of advertising proceeds. Each time users click on ads running beside the search results from the box, the site operator gets a few cents. . .
San Jose Mercury News, Sat.June 15, '04


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