Saturday, June 26, 2004

Magnus Portus

Association for Roman Archaeology: "ARCHAEOLOGISTS UNCOVER EVIDENCE OF PORTCHESTER CASTLE'S TRADING ... 24 Hour Museum - UK - June 24 '04
... site has revealed a number of previously uncharted structures dating from Roman, Saxon and ... of the outer ditch was an attempt to place the archaeology of the ...
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Evidence of an early "trading haven" so far "upstream/inland" suprises me because Roman sealevels were 1.5 metres lower than today. Roman cargo vessels were quite large but goods may well have been trans-shipped into barges as Ostia? and as in Londinium up to the present century. The Late Hume Wallis was studying a likely Roman Canal feeding up to Noviomagus (Chichester). A significant length of Roman canal was "for Sale" in the East of England quite recently. I'll add a link to that in comments below in case you are a late bidder. . .
Q. why does Ptolemy, in his Geography, put the label for (near) this area as MAGNUS PORTUS rather than in the more usual word order like PORTUS DUBRIS or PORTUS ARDAONI or PORTUS LEMANIS with the descriptive element last?


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Here is the link to the: - > Roman Canal For Sale


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