Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Limes Limites

Saalburg offers glimpse into Rome's past: Emperor Antoninus Pius hails you as you approach the Saalburg, a Roman fort tucked away in Germany’s Taunus mountains. Once it was an outpost guarding the borders of the Empire. Today it is a place to step back into time and get an idea of how Roman soldiers once lived.

Gratias Libitina for your interesting post which reminds us that July 2-5 MMIV sees the Assn. for Roman Archaeology members' educational tour of the northern Roman "Limes", rather than the eastern one, i.e. the central section of Hadrian's Wall.
Here is a page that includes a report on the ARA MMIII study of the Newcastle end of The Wall . . and, IMHO, it would be useful to have some good digital photos for the forthcoming ARA Report?


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