Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Golden Gates

"A picture = (sometimes) 1000 words" is a concept that Libitina and I agree upon? Is that where the development of a new ARA website should go? . . via the Golden Gate - Byzantium1200 approach. Their illustrations are so crisp, clear, and quick-loading . . . accessible; of a standard that will catch the imagination of pro-archaeologists + C21st school kids. I had to check: they are published as conventional jpeg images . . I wondered if they were in some new file format. My guess is that they are produced in vector graphics in Xara X or CorelDraw ? . . . software that I adore. Architects also now have amazing tools available . . and so do the games creators.
Here are Libitina's interesting observations (in her blog Roman Archaeology):

I found this spectacular website while checking a reference for Constantine. The 3D architectural renderings of the structures of Byzantium reflect thousands of hours of research and design. I was also impressed by the digital portraits of Constantine and Justinian. I have written to the artist to ask if he would share information about the software and techniques used to create them. Their eyes and skin are so life-like. Justinian even has the stubble of a beard.

In the ARA 2002 Annual Report, under the Canterbury link, there is an example of early (1997) computer graphics used to illustrate the likely appearance of this important city in Roman Britain.


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