Sunday, June 27, 2004

Festina Lente

Danny Garon writes in current w3reports re new dubious [?] SEO tactic:

. . . I’ve always believed in practical and simple solutions to things. Google is a festive company and . . .they replace their traditional logo with creative holiday logos on most major holidays. When users click on these logos, they are taken to a search for that holiday [cultural event].
My solution is to tap into this resource. Pick an upcoming holiday, and make a section about it on your website. Obviously make sure it fits in with your website. Clearly a website about Frogs shouldn’t have an article about Christmas . . The object is, tap into the millions of users searching for the same item at the same time.
Make sure to select a holiday or holidays at least two or three months away, to ensure you get indexed. Initiate multiple link exchanges with other websites for that specific page. Make sure the page about the holiday is informative, and use lots of keywords relating to the holiday [cultural event]. . . .

Despite current intentions re ARA web and membership development: please do not expect us to follow the above SEO proposal. Other suggestions are always welcome - especially after referral to previous Langreiter posting.


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