Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Archimedes (287BC -212BC) killed by Roman soldier. I never knew that. Much was revealed in the fabulous 2002 film re-screened by the History Channel in UK last night. He was killed by an irritable soldier at the Roman Seige of Syracuse - against the specific orders of the "Pentagon" who, respecting Archimedes' military engineering achievements, wanted him kept safe and alive.

I'd give links to the "historychannel" but both their US and UK sites are currently so _very slow_ to load. (See the posting Tempus . . in this blog; or else get a Ctesibius water clock).

The chance finding of that elaborate Antikythera mechanism in the Roman wreck was amazing. So like a Babbidge or Enigma machine . . 2000 year old computers _fact_. And the Archimedes odometer described by Vitruvius that inspired Da Vinci (and Archimedes' work paid for by the Roman Army?). Plus the significance of the 8 Winds Tower in Athens. . What a story.


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