Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Eat Ox

Members of the ARA are known to be hungry book-buyers and one of their favourite sources, sauces, is Oxbow Books, in Oxford UK. Their stock contains every conceivable, delicious, publication on Roman Archaeology and they know what they are talking about. Here is the new feature -> on Roman diet and feasting . . Remember our hugely successful recent Banquet?

Our interest in this topic must surely go beyond the gluttony and excess aspect of feasting (in most cultures*) to the very topical and positive discoveries about the Mediterranean diet . . omega-3, fish oils, garum ! Roman military, technical, and academic achievements could be entirely due to nutritional policies?

re *, above, do not miss Sir Roy Strong's new book in the current Oxbow web feature.

The ARA books page is in it's infancy and more reviews are invited. The good news about this page is that members and visitors are already starting to buy from the page (Amazon section) . . and that assists ARA fundraising for rescue archaeology.


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