Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Delenda est Zeugma

ARA ≠ UNESCO ? But aims and objectives of both are very similar. The budgets do not bear comparison; so in the perpetual tragedy of Zeugma I wonder why UNESCO does not seem to act? Is it not a Roman World Heritage Site? See the ARA "News Agency" page today with the Al Jazeera report. [+ "Delenda est Troy" good essay too . . fuit Illium?].

"Cato's Delendo est Carthago survives as an ironic reminder that a ruling clique in a powerful nation can have it's way in crushing a helpless rival if it musters the rhetoric to stir irrational passions." - Eugene Ehrlich in his book Nil Desperandum, 1985.


At 3 June 2004 at 06:07, Blogger modusoperandi said...

re the Cato para above - it seems that many good blogs are at present political. Here is a great example, Kurt Vonnegut, writing eloquently in a _27_ year old form of blog In These Times (Expression Engine) . . Kurt amazes and impresses: "I was born a human being in 1922 A.D. What does A.D.signify? . ."

A reminder here: reason for starting this blog.


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