Friday, June 25, 2004

Decline & Fall

The Day After Tomorrow? . . June 2004 . . Brighton's historic West Pier has just fallen victim to ferocious storms lashing the south coast of Britain. The remains of the Concert Hall slumped into the waves . . .
All that is now left standing of the Grade 1 Listed Structure is its Pavilion . .
Rachel Clark, of the West Pier Trust, said: "It was always vulnerable but we never expected such a severe storm at the height of summer . ."
It comes just after the Heritage Lottery Fund pulled the plug on 14 million GBP funding to restore the 135-year-old landmark.
The West Pier was the Masterpiece of Eugenius Birch, Britain's greatest pier engineer and was completed in 1866; one of only two Grade 1 listed piers in all UK . .
Climate change was a major factor in the collapse of the Roman Empire wasn't it? The term the "Roman Warm Period*" now appears frequently in the writings of climatologists. . (*the end of which occurred 2000 years ago). Berglund (2003) documented what he called a great "retreat of agriculture" throughout northwest continental Europe that was coincident with the declining temperature, based on assessments of insolation, glacier activity, lake and sea levels . ."
Do join in The Day After Tomorrow experiment < - (link to BBCi).


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