Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Classic FM

Sam Moorhead suggests a refreshed ARA web-focus on the ARA Bulletin (magazine); promoting it and providing more information about it. Plus: publishing helpful and encouraging "Notes for Contributors".

Re Hall of Fame . . have you listened to the way Classic FM currently hypes it's latest CD set: how many CDs? . . how many composers? . . their names? . . how to order? . . the colour? . . could we learn from them? And today they are expertly advertising the new issue of Classic FM Magazine . . out now! . . with 2 FREE CDs.

EDITORIAL PROFILE: Classic FM Magazine - the world's greatest classical music magazine - brings classical music to life.


At 3 June 2004 at 04:47, Blogger modusoperandi said...

Also from Sam Moorhead: "to have an online bibliography, related to past and present Bulletin articles".


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