Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Chuck Green

The ideabook, by Chuck Green, regularly publishes reliable reviews of graphic design principles. I especially like his new page (long and loaded) "little by little" re-vamp of a print page. Although print presentations differ in many, many, ways from web design I'm always fascinated by the "how many columns" argument.

I believe it was the London Times newspaper that first launched multi-column text (over 200 years ago?. That typesetting innovation made it's circulation soar.

The Google 2004 sitemap has 4 columns and I quite like that (for that purpose). For blogs - the way things have turned out - with a main blog column + sideblog surely can't be bettered? Yesterday I tried to find a few graphics bloggers but had difficulty. Only one caught my eye and that was Kadavy posting about Stijl - thanks Dave . . I'll have to try some blocky B/W web pages like that.

ARA text Report Pages have not (yet) been sorted out for readability. However some members seem happy enough with the lack of formatting because they like to print those longer pages so as to browse through them well away from their PC/Mac?


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