Sunday, June 27, 2004

Anicetus ?

Roman villa unearthed in Dorset The Western Daily Press reports on the discovery of a Roman villa in Dorset. [i.e. Shillingstone - pw]

Archaeologists yesterday revealed they have unearthed a huge Roman villa and may have even identified who owned it. They believe the villa, in the heart of the Dorset countryside, was owned by a rich and important native Roman called Anicetus.
He was mentioned by Roman historian Tacitus [Tacitus mentions more than one Anicetus - pw]. . who said that he possibly donated money to the Roman army [a reference please? - pw].
The archaeologists have identified he lived there by using an eighth century transcription of a Roman map which listed all villa estates.
Because they know the names of places and people who lived in the area, they can make confident suggestions about who owned the villa.
The luxury residence was erected in the fourth century and fell into disrepair when the Romans left Britain in the fifth century . . .

Thank you Mirabilis for this WDP key report - linking a villa in Roman Britain with the owner - and with Tacitus.
I, and other ARA members, will immediately want to find out more about the eighth century map . . . and have a full report and photos for the next ARA Newsletter (or Bulletin).


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Re Shillingstone see earlier in this blog - > ARA's keen interest in this site -> Shillingstone Villa


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