Friday, May 28, 2004

Proto Blog

For eons we've been maintaining the ARA News page as a kind of "Proto-Blog"; probably from a epoch pre-dating the evolution of Blogger technology's ease of publishing. And the ARA News web page is nicely paralleled by the press cuttings service supplied to Members in the hardcopy ARA Newsletters; for which submissions are always invited . . to: ARA Hon. Archivist, Anthony Beeson, via Contact-us.

Anthony has recently brought great stories to us, exempli gratia, about the Roman City of Zeugma . . and the identification of the "second" Roman Noviomagus (in Kent).

Technology to date has been efficiently provided by ZyWeb in the Roman City of Exeter [Isca Dumnorium]; augmented by the ace alerts from Google [Oppidum Francisco Sanctus]. It takes me about 3 minutes to publish a "breaking story" summary . . linked via dial-up modem to the "Tales of Two Cities".

I focus today on _The News_ approach in order to re-make the point that "Content is King" and fundamental to website "stickiness" ?


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"Stuck on You . ." don't miss:


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