Sunday, May 23, 2004

Motley Fool and (USA) are top rated web sites that make specialist subjects sparkle with crisp copywriting. The branding, metaphor, and key to their approach is the Shakespearian "Court Jester" (always allowed to make cutting remarks, in life/death situations, without loosing his head).

Web User magazine gives Motley Fool a rare ***** star review: ". . informal but informative style . . like listening to an economics professor with an honours degree in plain English." . . "New Fools are also eased in with a list of suggestions from the Fool School section, such as finding and opening the best online bank account . . "

Motley Fools' neat membership form usually loads swiftly in 8 secs. via dial-up modem (that is _fast_). Try the ARA membership form . Send in your own reports on webpage load speed ? . . .the _vital factor_ in web usability.

If you feel hesitant about reponding via the " c o m m e n t s " text link (below this paragraph) please email your contribution using: click here> the ARA contact-us page.


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