Monday, May 31, 2004

Eye Opener ?

Re _larger text_ and page accessibility/usability :::: Chichester District Museum gives you a handy tip if you click that blue link; see their "green box" practical feature? . . that ARA pages could also use?

Asking around? . . very few members seem familiar with "browser view" adjustment?

Despite the best efforts of web designers it is rarely possible to please all of the people all of the time. There are so many different browsers, plus 3 "versions" of each, different screen dimensions, screen technologies, screen resolutions, and eye conditions . . . However 80 per cent of web users "throughout the Empire" presently have Internet Explorer? So experiment with this: (trying various pages, viewing with IE) . . click - > VIEW on your screen top left on toolbar (usually grey stripe?) . . . (menu appears) - > TEXT SIZE and click - > 5 alternative sizes ! . . try each in turn. Have no fear about these settings being indellible. Switch as often as you like to suit the variables of page vs machine vs eyes.

Down-Under . . I found the 101 site interesting and especially the single-letter key board switches [function works on IE 6.0].


At 2 June 2004 at 05:01, Blogger modusoperandi said...

Here's current 2003-4 thinking on web accessibility - re font size choice: W3 font-size

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