Saturday, May 29, 2004

Circus Ring

David Beard, Archaeology in Europe, has re-kindled my interest in the rejuvenated Webring system. I did once join a couple of Rings when they were "migrating the codes" and, apart from that troublesome episode, it was hard to find quality rings. There seemed, at that time, to be a lot of clowns involved and too few good Ringmasters?

In fact the Webring concept is one of the most sparkling facets of the internet; whereby genuine communities of common interest grow organically . . best moderated not by natural selection but by _Ringmaster Selection_. Best not genetically engineered either?

Inspired by David's participation in the Archaeology Ring I sent the ARA's request to join . . and within the day had several positive and cheerful emails, e.g. : "Welcome ARA ! According to our records this is your very first submission to a WebRing Ring. This email contains some information and tips for first time members. We hope you find this helpful and that your experience with WebRing will be a long and satisfying one!...."

In a Ring you can directly visit any member's approved website - then from their home page click ->"NEXT" on the Webring panel (at page end) - arrive at next member's site - repeat the same procedure ad infinitum - except that it is not quite ad infinitum in the true sense because you tend to make one complete (or part) circuit of a genuine "RING shape" (merry-go-round) . . returning to your starting point having reviewed all the current theories, thoughts, reports, and presentations. The "RANDOM" function is good fairground fun. From today you can try this, and please evaluate the Ring venture with me, via the mauve-headed Webring panel on the current ARA homepage. Will it be like "A day at the Races"?


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