Wednesday, May 19, 2004

British Museum

Sam Moorhead, in a recent note, has written: "Roman websites: many exist already! If you go to the British Museum website's Education Section you will see that I provide links to a wide variety of sites, some much better than others. Perusal of these will give insights into what is possible, and what might be novel". Sam has provided further helpful hints which will be recorded (gratefully) in this column.


At 21 May 2004 at 07:12, Blogger modusoperandi said...

A reminder that the Assn. for Roman Archaeolgy has quite a long Links Page which was designed some years ago and, in 2004, is in need of revision.

Discussion of linkage policies and presentation will be useful; prioritise quick-loading pages? or academic sites? member's sites? or for legibility and correct graphic design?

At 24 May 2004 at 07:18, Blogger modusoperandi said...

I've read this piece mentioning Sam Moorhead and I am getting some further web-notes from him shortly.


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